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Allen's Pump and Irrigation Repair


    Are you killing your lawn with kindness?

   Some homeowners turn on their sprinkler systems everyday.  Not only is this unnecessary but it can be damaging to the landscape.  On average, homeowners apply twice as much water as needed by their lawns.  Watering everyday promotes shallow rooting and weed germination. Plus, too much water causes excessive runoff possible carrying with it fertilizer which can pollute  rivers and water basins.  Inefficient watering also costs the homeowner money by:


increasing your water bill


requiring more weed control


cause concrete and sidewalk repair


water logged trees and shrubs resulting in replacement


increased fungal infestations


fines due to watering restrictions specific to your area

    Due to severe droughts experienced in Florida, Southwest Florida Water Management District have implemented water restrictions in effect except in areas where stricter measures have been imposed by local governments.


The Southwest Florida Water Management Districtís (District) current water restrictions limit lawn watering to two applications per week.

PLEASE NOTE: The District's water restrictions are in effect except where stricter measures have been imposed by local governments (This public service feature provides links to the applicable local web sites. Any content errors or problems accessing these links need to be reported directly to our Webmaster).
Even numbered addresses may water on Tuesdays and/or Saturdays.
Odd numbered addresses, or where no address can be determined, may water on Wednesdays and/or Sundays.
Watering must be accomplished before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
Certain exemptions and exceptions apply, including the ability to use low-volume irrigation to water non-lawn areas on other days of the week.
New plant material may be irrigated during a 60-day establishment period (restrictions apply). 
Restrictions also include additional measures for agriculture, golf courses, mining, industry and other water users.
Sufficient water resource recovery has been realized to lift the emergency (one application per week lawn watering) water shortage restrictions, effective November 12, 2001.  When in place, the emergency restrictions strengthened the water shortage restrictions during the severe drought.  District staff will continue to monitor hydrologic conditions for any signs of relapsing drought conditions



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